Types of Water Accounts

There are currently two types of accounts - meter and flat rates. The bills for both are mailed the first part of each month and are due usually by the 20th of each month.

Metered Accounts

The charge for meter accounts is determined by the amount of water used each month inside and out. Therefore, in the summer, most customers have larger bills depending on the amount of sprinkling done at the property. Meters are read monthly, the date depends on the route in which your property is located. In most cases, meters are read by remote equipment. Metered accounts are billed for water delivered during the previous month.

Flat Rate Accounts

The charge for a flat rate is based on the number of rooms, toilets, bathtubs, showers, and laundries in each hose and the size of the lawn. The charge for outside water usage (sprinkling fee) is billed each year in May. If the owner of a rental property is going to be responsible for the sprinkling fee, he or she must complete, sign, and date the owners to pay sprinkling charge form and return it to the Water Utility Office. All flat rate accounts are billed in advance.

Discontinuing Service

There is not a reduction in charges if the property is vacant. The only way to discontinue a charge on an account (meter or flat rate) is to have the water turned off at the curb by us. Learn how to request a shutoff.